Level 6 Senior Softball

Level 6 Senior Softball ($102) is primarily for advanced 5th graders and 6th & 7th graders of the next school year.  Players are allowed to pitch two innings per game.  No player shall sit out more than 2 innings per game except in case of injury.  In addition to scheduled games, senior teams participate in the NLCBS tournament at the end of the season.

Players that are 13 years of age or in 8th grade are encouraged to move to the High School Division where the level play and commitment are elevated.  Players that need more experience are able to stay in the Senior Division if desired.

week of April 1st - week of April 12th: practice only
week of April 15th- week of April 26th: preseason games/ practice
week of April 29th: regular season
week of May 27th: mid-season break
week of June 3rd- week of June 14th: regular season
week of June 17th- week of June 26th: End of the Season Tourney

Did you know that NLCBS provides scholarships for youth to participate, we firmly believe everyone gets to play.

Funds for scholarships are provided through local sponsorship and donations from participants just like you, every dollar helps! If you would like to make a tax deductible financial contribution please contact operations@nlcbs.org today!