Rookie Softball

Rookie Softball is for those who are 2nd and 3rd graders for the current school year.  Third graders will be allowed to pitch during the last four weeks of the season. Players are allowed to slide, but not to steal.  Within the constraints of safety, coaches are required to have all players play infield and outfield positions during the course of a game.  An inning consists of 5 runs or 3 outs.

Rookie  softball is recommended for players who have mastered the following skills:

  • Catch a ball thrown to them from approximately 10 feet without fear of the ball.
  • Hold and swing a bat properly without being afraid of the ball being pitched to them.
  • Play an infield position and be aware of where the ball is at all times.
    Understand the order to run bases and that they must be on base in order to be safe from being tagged out and basic rules of the game (i.e., safe/out).
  • Be able to consistently swing and make contact with a ball from the tee without hitting the tee itself.
  • Be able to stop, or at least be able to protect themselves with their glove from, a batted and/or thrown ball while positioned at one of the infield positions.


Jeff Kearny

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